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Mar 15, 2023

For our second entry in our Video Game Book Club, we played CrossCode, a wonderful love letter to they heyday of MMORPGs! And what better way to pay our own homage to this era than by trying to play a 40 hour game in two weeks? Maybe this was a bad idea! Or maybe we just aren't in high school anymore? Either way,...

Mar 8, 2023

blaseball is sleepy and so is icb, but don't worry, we'll never stop podcasting. we dont know how! 


in this episode: we're not doing blaseball this week, ping role, the most sickos shitposters of the taco stand, the definitely real one hundred percent authentic shrek season, the nuances of being fully illegal, a...

Mar 7, 2023

The siesta is still ongoing, and frankly ICB isn't sure what we have to talk about. Video Game Book Club will continue next week with CrossCode.

in this episode:

~shoutouts zone~



Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

Want to shout about the episode? Join us at the Taco Stand...

Mar 1, 2023

The first game in our "Video Game Book Club" is here! We get the crew together to play Rain World: an atmospheric survival exploration platformer, first released in 2017. Is it painfully beautiful, or beautifully painful? Or just pain? We weren't sure, and even after spending an hour and a half talking about it - I...

Feb 22, 2023

Blaseball is back, but it's Shrek themed again? Didn't we do this already? Can we like, stop doing this? (Actually no, please keep being weird Blaseball, we love you)


in this episode: 

hero characters return, dvd extras, we need to talk about blaseball, shrek histories, the potion wiggler, the big button,...