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Apr 5, 2023

We're really struggling to come up with content during the non-video game book club weeks, but that's not gonna stop us! This week, we're talking about our ideas for a Blaseball LARP! What's this game look like? How do we play it? Does wearing a Mike Trout jersey mean you're cosplaying?


in this episode:

please imagine finger guns, 1v1 blaseball, playing real baseball, will is predisposed to kanjamming, tarps are expensive, the price is right, nobody can say tarp target, turning fantasy baseball into a fanfic generator, please dont ship real people, recinded shoutouts, take your jessica telephone cosplay to the game, every time you wear jeans and a tshirt, you're cosplaying a character in a harem anime, big buckets, this is the good timeline, bean bags, blaseball with real death mechanics, wiffle ball is the answer to all of our problems, you have to sign the waiver, annual blasecon, major league wiffle 


~shoutout zone~

Kan Jam 

Pilot Teacher goes to the Bambi Bucket Factory

Japanese Playing Soccer with Binoculars 

Salmon Weather

MLW Wiffle Ball Rule Book 



Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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