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Jun 22, 2021

The expansion era is in full swing, and just like the era, this podcast is also expanding at a frightening rate! This one is a a 9.8 star runtime, with have a full 1.973 in Speculation and 1.840 in Tangentiality! We try to cover everything that's happened in this very busy season, and while we're sure we've missed some things, Season 20 had something for sickos out there of every stripe.

In this episode: foodcrime, underhanded overpowered, bmase takes a break, the fleeting sadness of an unwanted Chorby, expansion, depth chart act 2 intermission 2 point b, why cant we do something (redux redux redux), please be responsible with what you put in the oven, we start a cult.

~shoutouts zone~

The BACO podcast - located in #non-visual-art on the tacostand, and we’ll drop a link when they stop uploading episodes as 500 MB wav files and use 192 kbs mp3 like a sane podcast

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