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Jun 16, 2021

A couple of us returned from siesta directly into our Monday night lives how, and by heck are our brains still in partytime! For a single day of Blaseball, we sure had a ton to talk about - even if we're really pushing the bounds of "on topic" and also had take a few passes at this whole "podcast" thing. Don't adjust your podcatcher, everything is working as intended - anything that might appear to be a mistake is flipped back to positives in the warm light of podcast^2!

In this episode: creative editing, sticky pitches and juicy baseballs, celestial geometry, welcome to depthiness cities dirt podcast, the Official Monday Night ICB Voting Guide, PCB Layout Software Hot Takes, “there are many things I don’t understand”, LA Unlimited Tacos were incinerated by a rogue umpire, replaced by the Moreno Valley Lawncars, amogus, podcast(podcast), Will tries to provide life advice.

~shoutouts zone~

Pirates' legendary once-in-a-lifetime failure of a play

Two-strike strikeouts, three-ball walks, and other counting failures | Dorktown


Major League Wiffle Ball (World Series Game 4 Gators vs Wildcats)

How Zack Greinke Became the Weirdest Player in Sports | Baseball Doesn’t Exist

BACO: Blaseball Analysis Co, who have two pilot episodes out on the Taco Stand


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