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Apr 12, 2023

Night in the Woods is a dense game, with a lot to say. It should be no surprise that we have a ton to say about it also! In this monster episode we try to come to terms with possibly the most literary work we've played thus far - so literary, in fact, that Feather thinks maybe this one should have just been a book? It's complicated, there's no good answers, and everyone is sad!

content warnings:
mention of suicide and abuse from the start to 0:02:00. Discussion of death, violence, mental illness, and disassociation throughout the episode.
Night in the Woods story spoilers (but not ending spoilers) throughout the episode, with extended detailed ending spoilers beginning at 1:10:30.

In this episode: getting right into it, are foxes dogs, Feather's monitor might have just been too dark, perspective dissonance, getting personal, being 20 sucks, bringing yourself into a story, germ is cool ok, DEMONTOWER, constellations, post-mortem heart to hearts, hole implications, the tooth. That's a whoppah!

~shoutouts zone~

Nevada, by Imogen Binnie

Join us in playing through our next entry in the Video Game Book Club: Titanfall 2!


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