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Mar 1, 2023

The first game in our "Video Game Book Club" is here! We get the crew together to play Rain World: an atmospheric survival exploration platformer, first released in 2017. Is it painfully beautiful, or beautifully painful? Or just pain? We weren't sure, and even after spending an hour and a half talking about it - I don't think anyone's mind is truely settled. One thing is clear: this was a fantastic first pick!

Note: this episode contains minor spoilers for the mechanics and first few areas of Rain World, a game which emphasizes discovery. The postpod (beginning at 1:04:00, after the outro music) contains major explicit story spoilers. We warn in the audio before we begin discussion of major spoilers.

In this episode: fancy pants adventure is old and so are we, metroidvanias, games that aren't fun, clunky controls?, Feather regrets her decision to stop swearing, you are invited to die, did we make this too hard for ourselves (and can we blame someone else), correction: feather collected every red strawberry in celeste so calibrate your evaluation of her skill accordingly, 

~shoutouts zone~

DeeJay said he'd post his tattoo in our server chat but didn't so we also didn't get to see it so if you're reading this ping keeper_wicket and ask to see his tattoo design

Demon Turf

NetHack was updated just two weeks ago?!?

Polygon's Rain World review

Rain World Movement Guide

Swarm Lake

Te Marie plant

Rain World longplay

Curious Archive: The Most Complex Ecosystem in any Game

Join us in playing Cross Code!


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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