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Apr 26, 2023

Titanfall 2 might not have a lot to say, but we certainly do! From our favorite titans (Scorch is da best, ignore the rest of those losers on this show) to a confused rundown of the plot, we had such a good time talking about a good time that maybe we forgot to explain, say, what an R-201 is. Who cares! Certainly not Titanfall 2.

Content warning: extended discussion of guns, Titanfall 2 spoilers, for the entire duration of the episode.

In this episode: BT stands for Best FrienTd, there isn’t much of a story but we still fail to summarize it, why is everyone shooting my face with delicious strawberry jelly, we go down every mission because they’re all so good, effect and cause, I got the arc tool and suplexed a dude and everyone clapped and obama was there, the most OP weapon is in my head for some reason, a game with not much to say.

~shoutouts zone~

Hyper Demon

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