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Nov 24, 2022

cw: food - feather didn't eat breakfast, so there's a lot of food talk during the surprise questions

we have once again returned to our unending world tour, and this time we're enjoying the vibes with the Hawai'i Fridays!

in this episode: pineapples on pizza, pineapples on the grill, hawaiian imus, thriving on the vibes,  losing beloved players, jessi wise appreciation zone, the beginning of longest thursday, an incomplete list of birds, handling lore with grace and nuance, the fall, fricord, celebrity endorsements for blaseball, dale > taco > magic but could be worm,  the vibes team, love to be hashtag sad, stlats is a horrible word, oops all wimdys, bear weather

~shoutout zone~

The Fletcher Yamamoto twine novel by Doodleplexia 

Hawai'i Fricord 

Doodleplexia's Movember Fundraiser 


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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