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Sep 14, 2021

When Blaseball ended the first time, I was listening to the garages kill the gods. When Blaseball ended the second time, I was listening to storm's here. The Garages have been a fixture of Blaseball for a very long time, and to celebrate their 1 year anniversary they released a new live show - RIV

To celebrate their celebration, we brought a few of them on! We finally sit down with LambMower (aka INOM), the producer for RIV, and longtime taco Cliff, who was one of several(!) drummers on the project!

In this episode: the return of surprise questions, Spotify D:<, what exactly is a producer, herding catpeople, garages are in your Breckenridge stealing all your band kids, the band has expanded, go wild it's jazz, the garages next project, Lamb reveals a secret.

~shoutouts zone~

Here's the permalink to RIV, listen to it even if it means listening to it again

House Phone

Number 14


Fourth Strike


Our theme music comes from the wonderful @HokutoHero.

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