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Jan 25, 2023

The first off-season of the Coronation Era is behind us, and we find ourselves in a strange limbo. The book: tantalizing, but mostly useless. We've analyzed mysterious press releases before, but not like this! Join us as we get distracted from our reading by talking about the recent tacos lore jams, then get...

Jan 18, 2023

we're back! blaseball is back! elections are back! it's back! ahhhhhh!!!


in this episode: blaseball's back babyyy, rule 5 violations, bring on the umps, blaseball avatar, knight shifts, escher's western, the shoe thieves heel arc, the return of the old gods, elections, new modifiers, cosplaying binky, bring back...

Jan 12, 2023

Blaseball is BACK babeyyyy let's talk about it! There's actual, honest to god fielding! The monitor is freaky 3d! And... uh... yeah. Yepppp.

Maybe it's okay that there isn't a lot of features. Seren Moss pitched a shutout! In the end, isn't that enough?

This is a recording of our Monday live episode. It has been edited...