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Apr 20, 2021

Lōotcrates has bestowed upon us wondrous items, such as… ordinary bats! Shoes that are also irons? And a “skate board”! But is there a podcast in that item archive of his? Crack this one open and find out! Possible drops include a very special and exciting event (SR++ super rare), S16 season recap (4* rare), election mysteries (uncommon), and extra balmy vibes (common)!

The LA Unlimited Tacos and Infinite Cities Blaseball are hosting a Taco de Mayo celebration May 1st - May 2nd! We'll be livestreaming for 24 hours with a ton of guests and friends, all to raise money for the Southern California Immigration Project. The livestream kicks off Saturday, May 1st, 3pm Pacific, and we'll have channels open in the Blaseball discord all weekend!

In this episode: It’s our half-year anniversary! Get excited for Taco de Mayo! What actually happened this season? Our heart goes out to the Magic, Schorby Scholl, Ivy is good, yeet fish summer, space news, some real wild election results, feather wants lime blood, solo snoil vs idle idols, expand band, the UNDERGROUND BLASEBALL LEAGUE.

~shoutouts zone~

Taco de Mayo announcement! Please share or retweet wherever you hang. 

Monster Factory: Buckets!

You Ever Create an Internet Fandom Wiki So Hard That You Fell Asleep (wiki announcement post)

NASA Reschedules Ingenuity First Flight (like everything else in this podcast, this is out of date! IT FLEW!)

The taco truck half a block from Feather’s house


Our theme music comes from the wonderful @HokutoHero.

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