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Feb 9, 2021

When the Crabs ascended, the Lift took their place in one of the messiest and most difficult times in the league. Lift captain Pandora was a big part of turning the Lift around and into the positive and thoughtful community it is now, so we’re sitting down to talk with her about the birth of the first new team in blaseball.

In this episode: surprise blaseball, memes, surprise questions, quitter ;~;, bad team solidarity, DBWAJ, character designs that make you go “uhhhh”, living in a crab shell, discord organization, preparing for the league expansion, becoming Goku, Lift x Dale BFFsies 5ever.

~shoutouts zone~

Don’t Be Weird About Japan

“Official” Tokyo Lift twitter

Drink some water, get some sleep, exercise how you can, and be kind to yourself.


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