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Jan 12, 2021

In this extremely cursed episode, we sit down and solve Blaseball’s sustainability issues! Prepare your wallets as we brainstorm every possible way of monetizing Blaseball, and gaze in horror as we push every limit of “free to play”.

content warning: brief discussion of suicidal ideation and Doki Doki Literature Club spoilers from 39:00 - 41:00. Also, a few more swears than usual, especially towards the end.

In this episode: “Blaseball Gatcha?”, The Inifinite TacoBells™, Arby’s, fast food tier lists, blaseball nitro, just straight up actual real money gambling, give us the real money or Wheerer gets it, Chorby Short buried under an implausibly tall pile of hats, dating sim implications. Also, Will loves game fuel so dang much y'all.

~shoutouts zone~

Simmadome Raffle Cup

ProZD on gatcha games

Nowhere To Grow But Up - A blaseball dating sim, that does actually exist, and was part of the first blaseball game jam

One and Ninety-Eight: Life In The Major Leagues

Tim Rogers' 6 hour Tokimeki Memorial review

Secret Base's Mariner's Documentary Supercut (again)

Confinement SCP Animated Series


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