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Jan 19, 2021

In one of the coolest initiatives to come out of the Grand Siesta, the Spies and friends have been running unionizing workshops with the IWW! The ICB crew sits down with not-spy DeeJay and not-not-spy OJ to talk about it, life, lore, and organization.

In this episode: We have a date!!! (probably), more fingers, committing to the bit, RPGs, despite any claims otherwise DeeJay is a Taco, deep lore cuts and union headcanons, the Chorby Short Incident, productive role play, accommodating the online, speedrunning unionizing, you (yes you) can do this!

~shoutouts zone~

Spies union training website

OJ’s Ao3

NaN World Tour Houston postcard

The smiling taco pro-PM tacoganda

Going to therapy (not a link, just a good thing)

Spies Organise Twitter

Glitch RPG


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