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Jan 5, 2022

The Tacos recently delved into the dark corners of Los Angeli lore, working to expand the details of our lovely cross-dimensional home. To help us navigate, we continue the streak of Shelled One's Podcasts crossovers! Can AU help us navigate new angles, or will they get waylaid by the impossibly off-topic Infinite Cities?

(It's the latter)

In this episode: tea that makes your mug explode, ewoks, life in the endless city, blaseball family implications, what even is blaseball time, yeah I might have gotten sucked into Knife Angeles and been stabbed eight thousand times but really that's just how Mondays be, Hawai'i Fridays (literally), the importance of relatable characters, the real blaseball fandom was the five close friends you made along the way.

~shoutouts zone~

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You can't have a feather + gary episode without at least one request that you listen to Friends at the Table

Welcome to Night Vale (a novel)

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