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Feb 2, 2022

It's pretty clear that Short Circuit 3 is a horrible mess, full of "features" of every size, shape, and severity. But somewhere between the catastrophic collapse of the clown fiesta and the five thousandth display bug, we might actually be having... a good time? Is this season a horrible trash fire or an energetic and compelling trainwreck? Grab your beekeeper bonnets, we're going in!

In this episode: walking a tightrope in a clown suit suspended over a horrible pit of being forced to wear a suit and never party, when will you learn that your actions (beating the tacos) have consequences (horrific reality shattering events), in the clown fiesta we are all clowns, egg?, it's time for the mid-episode turnaround, helmet of be bad vibes forever. 

~shoutouts zone~

Game Maker's Toolkit 30 Day Challenge Retrospective

Blaseball Commissioner confuses the Tacos and the Flowers, unites teams

(wow we didn't shout out a lot of things i guess uh I guess here's a link to New Republic Archives since we shout it out like every week but I don't think we ever link it so have a link)


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

Want to shout about the episode? Join us at the Taco Stand Discord - it's open to everyone, not just Tacos! Each episode gets its own thread in the #nonvisual-art channel.

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We are featherwings#3879, WillofChris#6129, KarpskryparN#2963, and Gary#7675, and we are Infinite Cities Blaseball. 🌶️