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Jan 25, 2023

The first off-season of the Coronation Era is behind us, and we find ourselves in a strange limbo. The book: tantalizing, but mostly useless. We've analyzed mysterious press releases before, but not like this! Join us as we get distracted from our reading by talking about the recent tacos lore jams, then get doubly distracted and maybe dip into a few new podcasts?

In this episode: fandom, off-week considerations, welcome to Fun Fungi a podcast within a podcast, judgement, 32 across: the kind of job a comissioner is doing (5 letters starts with "g"), god shoes, fundamental blaseball philosophy questions, welcome to podkemon a podcast etc. etc., irresponsibly hasty maths, really bad power rankings, 

~shoutouts zone~

Soojin Gloom art by Quail

Chartographer - an incredibly useful blaseball reference and resource, which includes the forbidden book filler mentioned in the episode. To see it, click the "Settings" tab and then check the "show the forbidden book" checkbox.

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