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Aug 10, 2021

A little over two months ago, you joined us for Taco de Mayo and helped us raise ten thousand dollars for the Southern California Immigration Project - and as our final stretch goal, we promised a bonus episode! We even recorded it not too long after! Then Feather totally failed at editing it, like a total loserface (she is very sorry.)

Now, it’s half an era later, and the baby grand siesta is well underway. ICB is celebrating the siesta by taking the week off! But we can’t leave you with nothing - it’s finally time to deliver! We can’t think of a better way to break in the siesta than by talking about our favorite non-blaseball media! Join us as we sit down with Hen, and maybe discover a few new things to distract you from the tragic absence of blaseball.

~ in this shoutouts episode ~

Friends at the Table (actual play podcast)

The Tale of Princess Kaguya (anime film)

Gideon the Ninth (science fantasy novel)

Haibane Renmei (anime series)  

Ash J (artist who draws Gideon fanart among other things) 

Spite as a driving force (general life advice)

Kids on the Slope (anime series)

House of Leaves (horror (?) novel)

B- Mask (media analysis youtube channel)

Slime Rancher (farming video game)

DankPods (electronics and audio youtube channel)  

~ other media that gets mentioned wow that's a lot but it’s pretty good also so i guess check some of this out too ~

Godsfall (actual play podcast)

Grave of the Fireflies (anime film)

Waypoint Radio (games news podcast)

A More Civilized Age (star wars podcast)

My Neighbor the Yamadas (anime film)

Street Fighter (terrible action movie)

The Book Thief (historical novel)

SCP-5765 (horror short fiction)

Control (third-person shooter video game)

Subnautica (exploration survival video game

Redline, Blues Brothers, and Mad Max Fury Road (car-adjacent movies)

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (scifi movie)

Sayonara Wild Hearts (music video game)  

Valkyria Chronicles (strategy video game)

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (animated series)

Pop-Up! (electronic artist)

Said the Sky (electronic artist) 

Always Human (romance webcomic)

Gunnerkrieg Court (fantasy webcomic)


Our theme music comes from the wonderful @HokutoHero.

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