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Feb 1, 2023

we're back, and a shitty wizard has fucked up our nonsense, and now we've got 4 whole solar eclipses to deal with. do we know what this means? no. do we know what to do about it? also no. but we're here to complain anyway. and also beg y'all to take part in ICB 100. please take part in ICB 100. 


in this episode: newsroom reacts, so we have weather now, the cheese ump, feather is the piss-poster, the bandwagon, quadrants in blaseball, riv to beef knight, scuttleposting, can't lose,  an average sort of melange, infinite scuttles city, gary is a liar, the beanbag, legacy players, caleb avacado, the potential of a double spillover, blessing odds, wills minus, bad bets, boosts, ump classes, broken ridge, strike three, please call into icb


~shoutouts zone~

the newsroom reacts hall of fame

oops all scuttles

bard ump cube rotating

rain eats paper's "terrible terrible" spooky spider scuttles

tala's gently holding a scuttles

tutu scuttles' for scale

please, please submit your audio to the icb 100 episode


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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We are featherwings#3879, WillofChris#6129, KarpskryparN#2963, and Gary#7675, and we are Infinite Cities Blaseball. 🌶️