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Mar 6, 2021

To celebrate the return of blaseball (and to not be behind on the news), Infinite Cities Podcast went live! We had a great time wondering over all the new stuff, reacting to some games live, and just savoring the taste of fresh blaseball. And also not-savoring the taste of some rather criminal spicy milk variants. (Blame Hen)

Also, sorry that this didn’t drop until Friday! That’s Feather’s fault, but in her defense, she was distracted (by blaseball).

Content warnings: Extended discussion of alcohol, consumption of alcohol, consumption of spicy milk, swears, and some really bad radio from minute 52 (shortly after Karp comes online) to 1 hour 13 minutes in (our musical break, when we play the extended theme music). Please skip this section.

In this episode: Blaseball is back, for realsies realsies! The Feed, We’re Live! :brrrr:, first impressions, KLAUT, shop talk, Tacos did a Democracy, feather is a dictator, really good numbers, being distracted by the interface, crabs, stealing, spicy milk crimes, squirrel mysteries, podcast gossip, failing at discussing elections, wimdys

~shoutouts zone~

Blaseball News Network Season 12 Power Rankings

Dom Wom Big Bong Partytime Dinger 4 Dayz Plan

Joel Clark: most popular favorite numbers 

The Steaks, thanks for boosting us!


Our theme music comes from the wonderful @HokutoHero.

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