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Aug 31, 2022

We're continuing our world tour this week by venturing into the depths of Hades. Krow and Dentenstein were kind enough to guide us through the labyrinthian structures of the underworld, so long as we promised to never look back.

In this episode:

pluto pride, a little bit of blood sacrifice never hurt (when there was wine involved), what happens when you die, what happens when you die again?, everything should be a little bit inconvenient, maincord vibes, the grand elder dent, it always comes back to waypoint, tlik-tok, anti-rivalries, taming the tigers

~shoutouts zone~ 

Bertie's Pluto Pride image 

Hades Tigers' bandcamp 

Krow's adorable kitten 

Tigers' Persephone 

Blaseball Zine Jam 

Krow's Twitter  

Support this kind friend of Krow's, please

Hades Blaseball Twitter 

Krow's Hades SC 0 fic


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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