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Dec 14, 2022

The Lovers refuse to be defined by their name or icon. Instead, they've carved their own path, one much cooler and full of way, way more swords than expected. To walk us though how they forged their own fate, Avery (any), Kish aka somsnom (they/them), and Slappy McGee (he/they) have all travelled from the distant land of San Francisco to guide us through Lovers history, from Knight Triumphant all the way up to The Blimp.

in this episode: snoms, swords, the call of the sea, the blimp, surprise bonus guests (!?), the madness of late expansion era, the tragic tale of Knight Triumphant, deebos, intentional community building, Joey Pizza knows your uncle.

~shoutouts zone~

Ottoman Empire calligrapher's tools

A fantastic selection of polearm ends

San Francisco BART train interior noise, that noise in Dead Space, and an article where the developers of legendary horror game Dead Space refer to the sound of the BART as 'the worst sound in the history of man'

Parker is having a time

'Double Blimp' meme

Clown Box, reactions, and friends

Kish's cat, Thomas

some fantastic deebos

BACo: Acid is a Replacement Level Blood (feat feather!)

Guilded. - A BLB Poetry Zine


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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