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Dec 7, 2022

The Canada Moist Talkers are wet blankets (positive). Like a rainstorm over a picnic (positive), KeCh (he/him/any) and Kosmo (he/him) are here to hose us down with what we really hope is just regular water? God, what a miserable team (positive). We love them but really, really hated visiting.

content warning: general wet grossness throughout the episode. The post pod (after the outro music) is especially gross. Those with audio sensitivity should stop listening at the outro music and skip the post pod. There is nothing of value in the post pod.

In this episode: the legend of zelda: the curse of hot takes, squid, be gross be kind, flavored kraft dinner, moist gods, polkadot, Kansas, Justin Trudeau, hits and spits, wet, unfortunate definitions, Georgias grrr

~shoutouts zone~

Colossal Squid

Bigfin Squid

Every Kraft Dinner Flavor Boost, Ranked

The Price of Perfection by cyndakip

Justin Trudeau Sings "Speaking Moistly"

Talking Spit, Getting Hits: MT Election Discourse

The Salt, a zine by Kosmo, Cynda and Kit

I Signed Up For a Rec Team And Now I’m Playing For The ULTIMATE LEAGUE In Another Dimension??

Covid Vaccination information for California, Denver, New York, and Canada


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