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Sep 7, 2022

The paths of the Tacos and the Charleston Shoe Thieves crossed once, back in the early times, and it shattered our world. We finally reunited in the desert - somehow alive and thriving. Step beside our desert bonfire as we catch up with two of the Shoe Thieves' finest representatives, Paradox (he/they) and Quail (they/them)! 

In this episode: quail (the bird and also the person), what is a shoe thief, why shoes, feather attempts to be off-topic but fails miserably, sunken charleston, the Gunther O'Brianing, small jorn, party 'till we die, RGSOTS.

~shoutouts zone~

Won't you just look at these delightful quail fellows

Blaseball Wiki index for Charleston

You let Jorn on base. Fools. (plus bonus entire team pic!)

Simon haley of the charleston shoe thieves gets DESTROYED by a replica (not clickbait!!!! !)

hehe shoes (Hazel's Bevan Wise)

RGSOTS Analysis (that's a lotta data!!)

Sunken Charleston Community Library Discord

17776: What Football Will Look Like In The Future

Thievescord Jonker Tier List (36:52)

Blaseball Zine Jam entries


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