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Sep 21, 2022

We're back to wrap up the Wild Low in our World Tour by taking on the Worms! Thanks so much to Cicatricks (they/them) and Cass (she/they) for joining us for this episode!

in this episode: a worm carmen san diego, bug is a generic term, armadilladiidae, icb gets worm pilled, out of the breach, speed in the taco stand (not like that), it's time to turn the compost, contentious axes of discussion, book worms, even a worm can turn, welcome to worm town, the depth of the worms, kiwicourse, the biggest jortposter, will's wearing jorts right now, you cant just jort a boy, ohio: bigger than sweden, a river on fire, gatecrash, wiggling it out, shaboom!, cozy streams, wormscraft

~shoutouts zone~

doing the worm at applebee's 

how far away is ohio? 

if a worm were to wear jorts, how would it?




wriggle index 

river on fire

the wormhole 


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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