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Mar 9, 2021

Join us as we look back on season 12 and try our best to answer the perennial question: “What the hell just happened”? It’s been a wild trip, full of new teams, flooding, the most election blaseball has ever seen (so far), and… Peanut Bong.

Blaseball is back, and we’re so glad to have made it.

In this episode: There’s been a lot, levels of engagement, betting returns (now out of date), concession strategy (also out of date), pbong is a threat, the single biggest thing that happened, new teams, blaseball is rough sometimes, tiger shadows, beeg election, evolution is great, free agency, ding dong bong is gone, tacos got the best elections and are now scary, prophecy, Xtreem Election Funny Moments Epic Fails.

~shoutouts zone~

Bong meme 

Chorby short's very lovely pie chart

Case Sports Eulogy 

Blaseball News Network S12 Power Rankings  

Zesty Yaboi and Jacoby Podcast, specifically.

Jessica Telephone is on the Wings  

Remembering to breathe.


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