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Dec 22, 2020

We must have been bad, because there’s no blaseball under our tree this year! But that doesn’t mean our stockings are empty, so join us as we take a meandering journey through the Blaseballidays stream, the second Inside A Blaseball Q&A, and the ARGonauts interview with some of the devs, as well as general life and fandom in the Grand Siesta.

Also - we’re taking a mini siesta of our own! No more ICB until January

In this episode: Further predictions, we just really miss blaseball, the prediction stone hungers, hoping we’re wrong, code refactoring, crunch, the community hasn’t been slacking, Wyatt Mason is invincible, respect for the sim on a spiritual level, soul questions, SR++ Gold Limited Sexton Wheerer, feather is in a real jam (of the crab variety), fandom doesn’t stop, we wish there was more blaseball (and all we had to do was crack this stupid cypher), crab futures, and we really appreciate you all - every person who has participated in this weird, strange game. Thanks <3

~shoutouts zone~

Blaseball Cares “Blaseballidays” Stream VOD

Inside A Blaseball #2 VOD

ARGonauts “Is Blaseball An ARG?”

Crabitat game jam

Blaseballidays store

Blaseball patreon


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