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May 24, 2022

After a luxurious bath in the Baja Blast tank, the hosts of ICB have found themselves fully submerged and vibing in Atlantis. Our lovely Georgias friends Blake (he/him), Bluey (they/them), and Jasmine (she/her) have generously guided us through bits, the expansion era, and multiple tier lists!


in this episode: 

ooze, capri-sonas, shoving mordecai kingbird in a locker, the mystery tier list, georgias day one, being an expansion team, season 24, the georgias string of bad luck, romeo macbeth, rigby day


~~shoutouts zone~~

Garden Eels video  

Feather's Sunfish Imgur Album  

Jasmine's "Horrible Image"  

"Blake, What is That?"  

Yurts Propaganda 

The Collection of Fantasy Capri-Suns 

Baby Jellies gif

Niq Nyong'O and Capri-Flattery by Jasmine

The Georgias Mystery Tier List

The Georgias Smash Tier List

The Goobie Butt Tweet

Goobie Twitter

Goobie Nights Twitter

"And I Quote"

People Make Games Blaseball Video

The Bubble

The Georgias Player Slideshow

Rigby Day Comic



Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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