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Feb 8, 2023

you're still here? really? after all this time? what's wrong with you? go home. enjoy blaseball. tell the other podcasts how much better than us they are. we'll still be the longest running blaseball pod whether you listen or not (affectionate [begrudgingly]).

in this episode: 

we don't need blaseball, you merely adopted the siesta, the most icb guest, let players steal first, blasecon real!?, chorby short is a gift and a blessing, drops of jupiter, beams.txt, postmortem snackrifice ganda, the geographic epicenter of blaseball fandom, one time guest, one time listener, the community is holding hands together, the miami dale ultra, griot's too cool for that, the baltimore crabs will live forever, expansion era stories, the minnesota aliens vs the dakota shakespeare clowns, the biggest dorks with the biggest mics, scuttles all the way down, we're great at taking compliments, jessica samsung galaxy, blorbos indeed, clurling, they're not all winners, the existential threat of mecha mondays, fighting bluey for the honor of catboys, parker is the most, the first annual, last annual 2021 season 21 "jimmy" james mora jimjam jammies lore jam and pajammy party spectacular, sitting in your dread for hours, the worst to ever do it, a fun little guy that fans love, like gritty, or some awful monstrasity, like mr met, pedro pascal needs to have kids so he can be a dilf, batflips and backflips, jelly burgertoes was a taco, hokuto might be the first fan, we are all love icb

**incineration count**

Parker MacMillan - 4 
Nigel Candy - 2 
Goobie Ballson - 2
Jessica Telephone - 2 
Sebastian Telephone - 1
Ilane Snart - 1
Caleb Alvarado - 1 
Malik Destiny - 1
Kevin Dudley - 1 
Tad Seeth - 1
Chorby Short - 1 
Silvia Rugrat - 1
Jelly Burgertoes - 1
Mage Ump - 1 
Will - 1
Theremin - 1
Griot - 1
Lolo - 1 

~shoutouts zone~

change da world my final message 

will's infinite technicolor playlist 


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

Want to shout about the episode? Join us at the Taco Stand Discord - it's open to everyone, not just Tacos! Each episode is discussed in the #podco-truck channel..

Our twitter is @CitiesPod, and if you want to link to us, you can catch us at!

We are featherwings#3879, WillofChris#6129, KarpskryparN#2963, and Gary#7675, and we are Infinite Cities Blaseball. 🌶️