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Jan 5, 2021

Treat yourself with two scoops of guest episode this week, as we go off the rails talking about the new Blaseball musical with Matthew (Writer, The Collective Dadconscious) and Frankie (This/That Reporter)! Y’all, this musical is so good?! Did we mention it was created in just 72 hours?

Note: you don't need to have seen Blaseball: The Musical to enjoy this episode, but it will probably make a lot more sense if you have. Plus, it rules. Find it here!

In this episode: Don’t joke about Blaseball projects, soul aspects, cute ships, Zero Mostel appreciation minute, the Chorby Story, you can just not be on Blaseball discord?, The Collective Dadconsious, Greek choruses, honest to god theatre discussion, the #1 Steaks fan, where the heck did this all come from, villain songs (horny or otherwise), deep into Steaks lore, healthy fan project engagement, how to create a stage online, six degrees degrees of Brian David Gilbert.

(our bdg number is 3)

~shoutouts zone~

Blaseball: The Musical

WTFBSplortRadio twitter, home of This/That Reporter

SIBR’s blaseball simulator simulator

Take Me Out to the Blallgame: The Collective Dadconsious

Toad Choir

Chaos of the Dallas Stakes Discord (no link, just a shoutout!)

The 343 Bellfast

The Rainbow Railroad

facefullabugs Twitch

Matthew’s Twitter

one and ninety-eight


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