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Apr 27, 2021

TACOS WIN THE ILB CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Tacos are supreme as we grab our first championship ring, secure lime blood, and get all kinds of excited about the upcoming Taco de Mayo charity stream! Even the loss of two of our favorite players can't keep us down? Prepare the confetti, it's the season 17 recap!

cw: explicit language

Be sure to join us for our 24 hour marathon livestream, May 1st - May 2nd, 3 pm to 3pm pacific time! We're going to be raising funds for the Southern California Immigration Project and celebrating Cinco De Mayo with a ton of cool guests and friends! Catch us on or in the main blaseball discord!

In this episode: WE WON, the livestream is going to be wild and awesome, the Tacos (the fans, not the characters) are all such cool people, was this season good or did we just win, the McBaseball Saga, diet snackrifice, limeposting, solo snoil stories, Kranch, taking an elevator into the dumpster, pitcher meta allegations, squid hats, decrees, Tacos are 11/12 for wills, be free noble horseman.

~shoutouts zone~


Benjy Rees' S17 Finals broadcast

SIBR says this was the most exciting finals ever and you can't argue with math

Steven Bradbury Olympic Gold

BNN S17 Power Rankings

Rat Batson twitter

Taco De Mayo GoFundMe is now live!


Our theme music comes from the wonderful @HokutoHero.

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