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Nov 16, 2021

Short Circuits 1 has grounded out, and outside of a few brave souls chosen to charge the mic, our friends from the last two weeks are now lost to history. What did it all mean? Are we different people, now that we have been touched by the many fingers of Ashton Tardigrade and the pure soul of Apollo Coen? And speaking of fingers, why are the Boston Beaneaters so mad at the Giants?

In this episode: Alternate Cities Blaseball, blaseball happened we guess 🤷, 🚀 BUY $TACO 🚀🌙, 🕯️🌊🕯️SUMMON ELEANOR HILL🕯️🌊🕯️, people really don't talk about the philosophical implications of Sigmund Castillo enough, the 1886 Boston Beaneaters, even more discussion of the Boston Beaneaters (sorry we go for like 15 minutes it's worth it we promise), the most wild bug (it wasn't actually javascripts fault tho per Ump Possum it was postgres the whole time), rating SC1.

~shoutouts zone~

rotating a cow

sick Layla Pork interpretation

The 1886 Boston Beaneaters

this specific IMDB user review which describes A League Of Their Own as an "Enjoyable Commercial Product". Also apparently this movie is the origin of "There's no crying in baseball"? so that's like, Blaseball canon at this point.

The Garages bet bug in action

The Football History video Will mentioned

Will has officially rated SC1 This Place Sucks Ass out of The Dream Is Over

Archives Unlimited!


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