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Nov 4, 2021

Blaseball is back and that means it's time for another ICB LIVE! WOO! We gathered together rather late on Monday evening to talk about Short Circuits and betting and all the new nonsense on the website, and now we're bringing it directly to your podcast feed. We began early, but had to wait for Karp for the true episode, so if you *just* want the podcast, it beings at 42:02!

In this episode: the potentiality for gold, movies from 1957, carrots, short circuit zero, nominative determinism, incineration predictions, throwing down about betting, just blaseball, watching more games, elections, the return of legendary items, will's boycott, free fk, harper peeps, Gamma 1, Anomaly Chamberlain, ICB breaks the site, bugs or not, the grand unslam, stlatistition, mlafia

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We Found Each Other in the Bottom of the Ninth


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