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May 17, 2022

Our second stop on our world tour takes us to lovely Chicago... except we've been in Chicago the entire time? Chicago lore is strange, yall. Even more strange: the Chicago Firefighters themselves! Our tour guides: Stara (xe/ze/hir) and Laser (she/her)! They're both Firefighters captains (like every firefighter), and Firefighters Twitter posters (also like every firefighter), so (like every firefighter) they're more than qualified to show us around!

cw: extended food discussion from 1:15:00 to 1:32:30


In this episode: american chain restaurants, blaseball hall of fame, uncountably many bits, fuck peanuts, fuck suns, chiclawgo, <3 Goobie, C*leb Alv*rado, WAFC, artbreeder, twitter shenanigans, pride mouth, hellthread, football.


~shoutouts zone prime~
recommended viewing for your enjoyment of this episode

A map of our solar system

We Are From Chicago audio reading (cw: unreality)

Splorts Macheen is brought to you by Peanuts (also cw: unreality)

Pride Mouth

The DILF Bracket

Hellthread: how it started, how it's going (cw: food)

The that predicted a friend group

~son of shoutouts zone~
good things mentioned on air


Blaseball Hall of Fame

Splorts Macheen interview with Patel Beyonce

Champs in the Making



~anti-shoutouts zone~
shame to those who reside here



The North Placentia Sonic



Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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