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Sep 28, 2021

The blaseball fandom is notoriously high output to a fault, but there are few individuals who have done more than this week's guest, Astrid! For those who aren't in the know (seriously, what are you even doing?), Astrid is the data witch behind Reblase, the creator of PluralKit, a songwriter for The Garages, a rep for the Core Mechanics, and is probably responsible for a lot of other things we *didn't* get to in this episode.

In this episode: yet another return of surprise questions, peak wyatt brain, has it really always been monreal?, mints culture, SIBR, @ing everyone, nominative determinism, discarded fields of eggs, canceling christmas, project voyager

~shoutouts zone~



the entire kansas city breath mints team failed the bar exam from World Tour: Part 2

good enough now from we are the garages (vol 3)

sincerely, the collateral from we are the garages (vol 4)

we are all love blaseball - round two

astrid's twitter


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