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Jun 7, 2023

Despite everything that's gotten in the way for the past few weeks, Will, Karp, and Gary have been devoting their time to being the Hero of Hyrule. 


in this episode:

will has played the least of us, our formative zelda years, rediscovering 3D zelda, those sheikah duds, doing everything in a weird order, going to hyrule castle, ~~link's~~ zelda's house, plunging towards hyrule, engineering, our best friend sidon, being a journalist with penn, temple problems, spirit mech, breath of the wild: sad mode, korok torture, building as puzzles, no more tests of strength, scratching the surface of the depths, lets talk about the plot, the hero of hyrule, zelda eats it, the master sword


~shoutouts zone~ 

Tears of the Kingdom Title Drop 

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Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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