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Jul 5, 2022

We're back with the next stop on our world tour, and this time, we're going home! It's episode 72, and we've got some lovely Tacos (Hen, Cliff, and Bluey) joining us to do a bunch of bits and answer mysterious surprise questions from an unknown source (feather). 

in this episode: mountain dew flavors, del taco supremacy (debunked), our favorite blorbos, girlboss basilio mason is coming for your paycheck, get cliffnoted, holding hands, a trip to the past, accidental stand deletion, ritual sacrifice, the whippersnapper/elder scale, our token normal guy, geopolitics with hen, the future of tacos, bluey's kitchen nightmares

~~shoutouts zone~~ 

hard mountain dew 

deltaco headphones 

everybody pings will 

archives unlimited 


The Garages: TA03.2: Unearthed 


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

Want to shout about the episode? Join us at the Taco Stand Discord - it's open to everyone, not just Tacos! Each episode gets its own thread in the #nonvisual-art channel.

Our twitter is @CitiesPod, and if you want to link to us, you can catch us at!

We are featherwings#3879, WillofChris#6129, KarpskryparN#2963, and Gary#7675, and we are Infinite Cities Blaseball. 🌶️