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Feb 22, 2023

Blaseball is back, but it's Shrek themed again? Didn't we do this already? Can we like, stop doing this? (Actually no, please keep being weird Blaseball, we love you)


in this episode: 

hero characters return, dvd extras, we need to talk about blaseball, shrek histories, the potion wiggler, the big button,...

Feb 15, 2023

ICB has come down bad with a case of giant robot fever! But honestly, now's a pretty good time to be obsessed with anything besides Blaseball. It all comes down to the question - what are we going to do in yet another siesta?

In this episode: Blaseball is gone again, predictions and dates, deeply irresponsible...

Feb 8, 2023

you're still here? really? after all this time? what's wrong with you? go home. enjoy blaseball. tell the other podcasts how much better than us they are. we'll still be the longest running blaseball pod whether you listen or not (affectionate [begrudgingly]).

in this episode: 

we don't need blaseball, you merely...

Feb 1, 2023

we're back, and a shitty wizard has fucked up our nonsense, and now we've got 4 whole solar eclipses to deal with. do we know what this means? no. do we know what to do about it? also no. but we're here to complain anyway. and also beg y'all to take part in ICB 100. please take part in ICB 100. 


in this episode:...