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May 31, 2023

Disco Elysium is somehow (still) so much more than we could have anticipated, but we're finally wrapping up our conversation from last week with the endgame! Feather's still doing too many drugs, Gary has thoughts about the hole, Will's complaining about tech, and Karp is still just better than you. 

Content warning: this episode contains discussions of hard drugs,  alcohol, violence, suicide, murder, philosophy, and politics

in this episode:
raphaël ambrosius costeau, where'd we left off last time, bashing political ideologies, dance teens, romance in disco, wompty-dompty dom centre, klaasje, cw: drug use, ruby, the tribunal, sad fm, one last door, dolores dei, we should talk about the world, the hole, philosophy, the deserter, the insulindian phasmid is real, shoutouts to cuno, the pale, thoughts about The World, the kim theory, will's tech corner, clearing out side quests, the hole at the center of everything, the pessimism is baked in, the world isn't doomed, disco elysium is dancing in the face of oblivion

~shoutouts zone~

A Compilation of Articles about Disco Elysium 

Sacred and Terrible Air by Robert Kurvitz 

People Make Games Disco Elysium coverage -  released after we recorded but before we released (somehow) but the best research into the out of game situation

SadFM by @patientno7 on twitter 

SadFM by AntonSavinov on DeviantArt 

SadFM in game 

The Stained Glass Window of Dolores Dei by @cardo_de_comer

What Kind of Cop Are You?

Kim's Photo of the Phasmid 


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