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Mar 30, 2021

Season 14’s shadow is cast so far that it has eclipsed the concept of “siesta” and continues to generate news deep into the following week. Join us as we try to make sense of “strategic fluting”, the tacos playoff run, and the season 14 elections.

In this episode: games besides blaseball, we fall into crabscourse, our season 14 playoff run was identical to the season 13 playoff run and thus less exciting but far more funny, sharks and swedish lessons, everything going according to plan (including losing Val), Vito has a great sales pitch, voting to maximize tragedy, the Crabs have all of the stars, tacos are going to take a nap, infusion is broken.

~shoutouts zone~

The Game Band’s announcement regarding strategic fluting

Correction: the big eve online spying takedown was only 10 months, and it was not for the first great war, it was a “16,000 dollar” heist. The end of the great war was a double agent turning triple agent over the course of “only” three months. Look, Eve Online is not a friendly place

Inside a Blaseball is Wednesday, March 31



birbteef’s incredible Sexton Wheerer comic series


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