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Nov 30, 2020

Join the infinite cities crew at the ruins of the hellmouth outback steakhouse to talk to discord keeper and sunbeams court judge Sins! We ask it about moderating discord, the utterly bonkers amount of prep work that went into the trial, and what it was like to coordinate the many lawyers, courtroom staff, and waitstaff during the trial itself.

In this episode: coffee cup round 2, the sunbeams are doing great, the Battletech RPG (and why the life path system needs to get stolen), a long history of lawsuits, bonecourse, was this a stage play?, massive overpreparation, multiple actual lawyers, dawning realizations, Parker MacMillan considerations, and negotiating with the devs.

content warning: occasional adult language

~shoutouts zone~

The wings first lawsuit

Click this immediately after 23:18, right after Sins says "we need to talk about bonecourse" 

A mostly complete collection of evidence submitted for the trial

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