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Mar 22, 2023

There's been plenty of team rankings running around, but as a crew of mostly-tacos, we needed to settle everyone's relative standings on the most important of axes: if your team was a taco, how good would it be?

The answer is this good: (spoiler alert)

Content warning: discussion of food for the entirety of the episode.

In this episode: a lot of nonsense, Will does not have tickets to the backstreet boys reunion tour, stretching the definition of a "taco", arguing that things are bad, does the chocotaco really belong to the Kansas City Breath Mints, welcome to mobile game sad club, a podcast within a podcast within a podcast about beefy boys, don't trust any restaurant if that restaurant's owners also run two other restaurants of different ethnicities, E grades, I wish i was eating tacos right now.

~shoutouts zone~

Team edibility meme

"Love" spice tin (it's empty!)

25 thousand dollar choco taco

In this episode feather says she's going to put a terrible mobile game in the shoutouts zone but it doesn't deserve it so have a gif of baby jellyfish instead

"The Place" Karp mentions is Taqueria Jocotepec

Sancho's Tacos, Breckenridge


ropa vieja

the Wild Wild West giant robot spider (courtesy of the Evil Wiki??)

Wings Ole, featuring some particularly bad clipart


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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We are featherwings#3879, WillofChris#6129, KarpskryparN#2963, and Gary#7675, and we are Infinite Cities Blaseball. 🌶️