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Nov 16, 2020

For our first guest episode, we've brought on esteemed Taco captain and Snackrifice PR expert Hen! We talk exciting blaseball news, and dig in to what makes season 7 - and the snackrifice in particular - so special to blaseball history.

In this episode: fighting Sexton, the return* of Blaseball, is this a crossover episode?, beta tests inside beta tests, ascension phobia, court case(s), don’t look back on Ruby Tuesday, working with peanut cultists, the first Tacoganda, all-nighter PR grinds, the sublime joy of the first taco idol, veteran idol board habits, Oops! All Nuts!, a fantastic Sunday, and our ICB's very first Bad Predictions.

~Shoutouts Zone~

(bonus extra-late shoutout from episode 3) SIBR reverb-precursor paper 


Court Case Cliff Notes

Take Me Out to the Blall Game: In Memoriam, Kiki Familia 

The first Snackrifice Tacoganda

Unlimited Taco Stand discord

Featherwings' Back Alley Games Hut Discord


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