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Mar 23, 2021

Stuff really didn't stop happening this week… so much occurred that we literally ran out of time trying to compile a complete list and make sense of the elections and figure out where we’re all standing for next season. So instead of a full season recap and election analysis, consider this our season 14 initial impressions! Spoiler alert: they’re salty and spicy.

In this episode: Long Thursday, moss, player ages, what’s in your snack pack (redux), “snoil”, tarot reading, Wyatts Mason, ominous red dots, things that suck really bad, salt, the doctor diagnosed the blaseball community with high sodium and that doesn’t bode well for our long term fandom health, ICB is for entertainment purposes only and no opinion expressed on the podcast should be interpreted as representative of anything, Denny's as aftercare.

~shoutouts zone~

The Yellowstone magic, who have impeccable vibes and probably started Feather’s current mossposting obsession.

Wyatt Mason (Disambiuation)

All the Wyattheads on the Taco Stand (and everywhere else), yall going through it, but especially Lizzy who drew a fantastic Wyatt Mason IV shutter shades emote for a character who might not live through next season.

Will has posted this gif every week since blaseball came back and it’s never not been true.



Our theme music comes from the wonderful @HokutoHero.

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