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Aug 3, 2021

Everything has come to an end in the incredible final act of the Expansion Era - rules, teams, blaseball itself, SIBR tools, and even maybe parts of our podcast? But we'll be here, broadcasting from the void, telling anyone who's listening just how cool getting to fly a spaceship into the coin really was.

In this episode: a handful of glitter away from death, the crabs can have a little incineration (as a treat), navigating by vibes, Elf Danny is in fact named "Strive", rest in piss phantom thieves guild, they are the ambush, cold equations, snack packs full of rocket fuel, Reader I know you have vibes but could you please talk like a normal human being for once, the increasing insignificance of blaseball, and post-credits scenes.

~shoutouts zone~

TWRP - Starlight Brigade

Ok seriously screw "The Cold Equations"

"And That's A Wrap!" message from The Game Band on the end of the era

Joel's plants

UNSTABLE, by the garages

The Desert Team Discord

Season 24 go spinny


Our theme music comes from the wonderful @HokutoHero.

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