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Jul 21, 2021

Look me dead and the eyes and tell me magic's 11 run home run didn't fill you with joy. What about the thought of b e c o m i n g   c r a b? Who is going to get Glover to idol board position 14, steal him from the vault, and do EVEN MORE SURGERIES? It's the beginning of the end, and the end of anything making sense! Join us now, while there's still time!

In this episode: Ascending beyond the illusion of control, angy catharsis, squiddish considerations, blaseball 2 is DOWN, zig expectations, I am legally obligated to tell you Blasecon™ is a joke, Johncy Lanyard, toothpaste pockets, siesta projects that aren't sleep, the future of WITP, if you play blaseball with no audience does SIBR still track it, eyebrows.

~shoutouts zone~

Just an ordinary nice piece of poetry by Yeats, unrelated to anything currently going on

Man there's a lot of Doctors Pepper

Paranoia RPG

New emojis just dropped

The Emojidrome podcast 

Shoutouts to everyone who participated in Will's Infinite Technicolor Playlist, thank you <3


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