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May 24, 2023

Wow, Disco Elysium is a lot. It feels a bit late to be getting to this game, but we're finally in the dark (metaphorically and physically), dank (same) city of Revachol! Gary found books to read, Feather's trying to solve being sad through chemistry, Will is having a hard time finding his place and Karp is just better than you. This game is so big, this one is just the first half of the game!

Content warning: this episode contains discussions of hard drugs, including the use of drugs by a minor,  alcohol, violence, and racism.

This episode contains spoilers for the first half of Disco Elysium, beginning vaguely at about 00:30:00, and getting more detailed and spoiler-y as this episode progresses.

In this episode: Tears of the Kingdom, what's your build, you will respect feather's authority, fuck Cuno, giving up drugs for feminism, the least comfortable chair in the universe, this game does not like you.

~shoutouts zone~

Some of Gob's incredible Blaseball modifiers rendered as Disco Elysium stat portraits (and more of them)

Behold! The Inland Empire

Detective, it's Wednesday


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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