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Jul 27, 2022

After a nice conversation on the East Coast with the pies the ICB team (minus Gary), went a couple hundred miles south to Philly and found out all about Pies Tarts and Flans. We talked to Pyers and Sham from the Pies about everything pies from yelling at players, Dirtbag JT, SK8 JUICE, and and other pastry related topics.

In this episode: Is pizza pie, the oven, crows, the pies winning, Bright Zimmerman, The fifth baseb, Lore habits, Surpievor, fushigi, intense pie notes, Narrative Blaseball League, and the PTR.

~shoutouts zone~


The Liberty Bell

Hloroscopes Bright Zimmerman


Contact Juggling

Edgarwares Amazing Notes

Jolt Cola on Amazon (not available)


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