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Jun 14, 2022

After the week long subway ride from Mexico City to the heart of Manhattan, The New York Millenials are here as the ICB World tour continues in seemingly entirely random order. We are joined by the wonderful Rudy (he/they) and EDVA (he/they) AKA Dave, who came to talk about mills and instead ended up on 15 minute tangents the entire time.


In this episode: The Mills have come on to talk about their team and their charity project just in time to watch as, Feather enters a bodega for the first time, Hoop2 becomes the one true time, pitchty and the microshrimp living in the New York City tap water receive love, The cast of Seinfeld makes a secret base, The Bee Movie is fully explained, Morbeeus, and The Mills promise to start a podcast.


Shoutouts zone

The Outpost Liquor 


Arcane Time




Audre Lorde Project


Tweet from Millscord


Initialism Cite


Bee Movie GitHub


Live Action Bee Movie






Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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