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Oct 19, 2022

This one isn't quite our two year anniversary, but it's still incredibly special to us - it was recorded from beautiful, sunny Los Angeles!** We get kind of caught up in the experience, becuase it starts out as a first impressions of LA, before making a few tangents and then a lot more tangents from those tangents. It's good to get caught up!

In this episode: being together, incredibly jank audio setups (that didn't break this time!), driving, LAX is terrible, RIV Surfliner, ICB filler arcs, a thesis statement, urbanism, spidermen, ranking groceries by their bougiousity, it's our two year anniversary so we get to choose the self-indulgent video game review segment.

~shoutouts zone~

stroads bad

We didn't explain it but Angel's Flight is a very smol, very old, very cute steep uphill train thing. It also takes tap card, just like all the other transit in LA? Incredible.

CicLAvia LA open streets program

Have another urbanist video about baseball stadiums this time (new york is only #4 get dunked on Will)

Taqueria Jocotepec

Feather's new ttrpg, Alternate Self Reunion Party

Be sure to vote in your local elections they're coming up and that's part of how we can fix our cities (if you are in california the deadline for voter registration is Oct 24!)


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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